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Automate customer service communication using artificial intelligence

With the Cognigy.AI platform, companies can deploy digital voice and text agents at the enterprise level for any channel - web chat, SMS, voice and mobile applications - and any language


Cognigy - Special Features

  • Enterprise Conversational AI System: Leading end-to-end enterprise conversational automation platform for customer and employee service automation.
  • AI-based Language Understanding: Leverage Cognigy.AI's powerful, fully integrated NLU in over 20 languages or bring your own NLU.
  • Open-source integration framework: Conversations can be enriched with data from CRM, ERP, RPA or other systems. Through Cognigy.AI's integration capabilities, third-party data sources can be integrated directly into the conversation.
  • Customization Without Limitation: Cognigy.AI gives developers all the flexibility they need to customize Cognigy.AI to meet your needs.

Cognigy - Benefits

  • Automate business processes: Simplify complex customer processes by automating interactions and reducing the burden on your customer service. Thus, also increase the efficiency of your Contac Center.
  • Improve the Customer Experience: Your customers expect a high quality of service. Extend your services regardless of time and place.
  • Cost Savings: Automation offers tremendous potential for contact center cost savings.
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Automate contact center

Cognigy.AI Plattform

Icon KI-Plattform
Smart AI platform
Cognigy.AI is the leading Enterprise Conversational Automation Platform for building advanced, integrated Conversational Automation Solutions through the use of cognitive bots.
Icon human
Understanding like a human
Let human-like digital agents communicate with your customers in their language.
Icon context
Selects correct context
Create a consistent user experience by keeping conversation context across channels.
Icon NLU
Natural language dialog
Spark the conversation with powerful, integrated Natural Language Understanding.
Icon 3rd party integration
Backend systems can be integrated
Integrate with third-party data sources directly within the conversation through Cognigy.AI’s integration capabilities.
Icon business processes
Business processes automated
Simplify complex customer process with consistent high quality service.
Icon customer experience
Customer experience improved
Increase efficiency while improving user experiences.
Icon cost saving
Significant cost savings
Leverage the Power of Conversational AI for Customer Service Automation and cut your Contact Center Costs by 50% and more.
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